April 2012 – Curry Chicken Salad



4 Chicken Breasts
Lemon pepper seasoning
Red or Green grapes (I prefer green)
Almond slices


Season 4 breasts of Chicken with lemon pepper
Grill the Chicken breasts
Cut chicken into bite size pieces
Place in bowl
Cut one medium size bunch of grapes into halves
Add grapes to the bowl
Add one package almond slivers to bowl.
Mix 1/2 cup of mayonnaise with curry to taste. I love the curry so I put a generous amount
Mix all ingredients together
Chill before serving

Serve with a French baguette


  1. Kim McGowan

    I tried this when my sisters-in-law came to visit. Sweet with the grapes, flavorful with the curry, and chrunchy with the almonds- what a great combo. We all loved it. Go Choosey Chicks!

  2. My favorite Chicken Salad!!!! I didn’t know how much I liked curry until trying this. Thanks, Jessie!!!

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